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agile hr

Agile HR: The Emergence of a New Model of HR Delivery

November 28, 2014

Agile and bureaucracy are two terms that seem to be irreconcilable. If applied in HR management approaches, the former signifies flexibility whereas the latter would mean legal or a strict type of management. The battle between agility and bureaucracy now comes into perspective, is it possible to have both?

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operational risk management

Operational Risk Management for Banks: A Best Practice & Technology Solution Forum

October 14, 2014

Operational risks losses have amounted to over 100M USD in under 100 reported casessince 2006 leading to downfall of several financial institutions. The perception and behaviour of banks towards operational risk have changed dramatically with above impacts. Recent studies significant interest among banks is managing operational risk through formal and automated systems to ensure effectiveness - with ASEAN being the most recent adopters.

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hr competencies

Human Resource Management Competencies: International and Philippine Experience

September 15, 2014

Human Resource Management has evolved in the Philippines from being a functional, workplace and labour management role, to become an essential part of strategic corporate direction. As a result, the required qualifications, levels of experience, and competencies required for HR leadership positions have evolved and can now be considered equal in important to those of legal, accounting, engineering and other professions.

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ISO 9001:2015: Snippets to Achieve Financial and Economic Benefits from Your QMS

August 29, 2014

ISO 9001 has been synonymous to quality and customer satisfaction for the last 20 years. So obviously a revision to such a standard has been one of the most widely anticipated in the compliance and quality circles within the industry, over the recent months. Speculation about the revision in the PDCA model and a slant towards risk-based approach has got businesses more interested in the major developments.

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