Scrum Masters help their teams develop great products by mentoring and guiding the teams; clearing obstacles ensuring that Scrum processes are followed. Scrum Masters aid the team in determining the best strategy to use in a particular scenario and deal with obstacles that the team faces so that they can focus on delivering output that will produce the intended outcome. However, there are a few industrial hurdles that need to be addressed so that the scrum master does not fail to effectively implement the Scrum framework.

Not Conducting Sprint Retrospectives

Some Scrum Masters believe that retrospectives are unnecessary and time-consuming, therefore they neglect them and move on to other Scrum Events.  Retrospective meetings can assist a team in evaluating a project and increasing efficiency. Teams can keep precise records of completed and ongoing activities, focusing attention on steady improvement.

Scrum Master acting as the Project Manager

The role of a Scrum Master differs from that of a Project Manager/ Product Owner. The Scrum Master’s roles are consistent since they carry out the tasks that the Scrum Framework has already outlined. The Scrum Master should ensure that the rest of the team is aware of how the Scrum Framework works. The Scrum Master should not focus on assigning tasks to the team, but rather assist them in realizing their full potential and advise them of any issues that arise during the process.

Allowing the team to burnout

When a team completes the work as intended during a sprint, it runs the risk of entering the upcoming sprint fatigued and overconfident in the amount of work it can accomplish. Such a team might thus commit to somewhat more work than it is capable of completing. Scrum Masters sometimes fail to notice this type of conduct and fail to be prepared to warn teams if they appear to be preparing more work which burns all the energy.

Not pointing out issues before the project commences

One of the Scrum Master’s key responsibilities is to identify obstructions so that work may be completed efficiently. One of the most typical mistakes Scrum Masters do is waiting until an obstacle has become a bigger problem before raising it. The Scrum Master sometimes doesn’t notice the Developer’s error until the product is nearly finished. This causes a delay in the product’s delivery as well as a loss in the product’s quality.

Introducing the framework without practicing agile principles

Scrum practices may appear to be properly applied if the Scrum events and roles are fulfilled, and Scrum Artifacts are used. However, becoming Agile is only half the battle for a company. Using the Scrum Framework without adhering to the Agile principles would not ensure the organization’s long-term success. Often, when using Scrum, the Scrum Master forgets to use the Agile principles. Because principles are more difficult to implement than practices, many businesses fall short and fail to complete challenging tasks.

Handling Remote Agile teams

A remote working environment introduces challenges like providing sufficient resources, mitigating social isolation and trust issues between higher management and the workforce. The foremost issue in remote working teams is that the Scrum masters fail to look behind the digital curtain, which forces teams to take the weight of demonstrating output to gain trust among the leadership management which ultimately results in burnout. Monitoring the progress and interacting with the team is imperative, especially when working in a virtual workplace. 


Scrum Masters are an important part of any Scrum Team and are required for its success. A proper development process could be achieved by learning from the mistakes of previous Scrum Masters. Agile teams built by the Scrum Master will be much more capable, and the organization could reap all of the Scrum Framework’s benefits. Scrum Masters would be a valuable addition to the organization if they avoided common errors and completed their task effectively.

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