As industries strive into the digital age, security weakness has become a vulnerability. In the last twelve months or so. You might have heard about two cyber hacks that emerged in the headlines recently.

The first was the case of MedStar Health, where a virus infected the Washington-based hospital’s computer network, forcing them to shut down its email and database to prevent the virus from spreading throughout the system further.

Meanwhile, World-Check, part of Thomson Reuters Risk Management Solutions Suite, also suffered from the consequences of weak security measures as their database used by banks, governments, and intelligence agencies from around the world containing 2.2 million records leaked online. However, Reuters says that there was no hacking and that their failure to use data protection methods such as usernames and passwords caused the leak.

Safeguarding sensitive files has become a challenge. With technology innovation and development of newer codes, security threats can occur in a blink of an eye. This is why organizations should consider having an ISO27001.


Getting an ISO27001 can help you stay ahead of your competitors. By complying with international standards that have been set across the industry, you can guarantee that your security measures are top-quality.

You can learn more about ISO27001 and the process of implementing it with our Combined Lead Auditor training. The course helps you gain a competitive advantage from your competitors and equips your business with the necessary tools to develop a secured ISMS. The training is the perfect ground to learn more about developing an effective information security management system.




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