The Internet has changed the way we do marketing. Gone are the old days where traditional marketing ruled most businesses, and new players had a hard time getting in the market. Today, online marketing has made it possible for most small and medium businesses to join and compete in the entrepreneurial scene. In the Philippines, where 1.6% of the global Internet population lives, is a ripe playground for online marketers.

Once considered the Facebook capital of the world, the Philippines is now one of the countries who mainly use social media, with 12 million users who spend an average of 4 hours per day on Facebook alone. Businesses and startups who want to test the waters have more leverage now than before because of the massive pool of audience they can reach while still possibly targeting specific demographics. Success stories of online stores overtaking brick-and-mortar stores regarding sales and growth are proof that online marketing isn’t just a fad – it’s the evolution of marketing.

Businesses are attracted to online marketing because of its many advantages over traditional marketing. Unlike putting up a gigantic billboard on a highway just to have exposure for your brand, online marketers can now simply post a sponsored advertisement on Facebook for a significantly lesser amount and reach their target market who really might be interested in their brand.

online marketing in the philippines


While anyone with a laptop and an Internet connection can be an online marketer, it’s not an easy task. You can spend weeks, probably months, watching videos and reading blogs that talk about the basics, but an organized online marketing training will help you grasp the core concepts faster and help you apply the lessons in real life.




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