In case this is the first time you encounter the term, PRINCE2 (Projects in Controlled Environments) is a project management framework that aims to guide project managers to organize, manage, and control various aspects in a project.

That includes allocating resources and managing risks to help an organization achieve its targets and objectives. Think of it as your checklist of tasks and their corresponding timetable to help you stay on top of a particular project every step of the way.

PRINCE2 originated from the UK as a way for the government to regulate large-scale projects in the public sector but has since evolved into the global standard method for project management, whether it’s in public or private sector.


There are three levels of certification under PRINCE2:

1. Foundation – This is the basic qualification that one can have without any previous knowledge or experience. People who are part of project support may opt for this certification.

2. Practitioner – This level requires some pre-requisites that are covered by your Foundation certificate. PRINCE2 Practitioner is especially suitable for those who are directly involved in delivering a project.

3. Professional – This is the highest level of qualification you can achieve in the PRINCE2 certification program. The examination comes in the form of a case study carried out over the course of days to test how you would apply the knowledge gained in a real project setting.


How PRINCE2 Benefits Project Managers

Personally speaking, I find the usefulness of PRINCE2 very encompassing, and I can attest to the professional benefits of PRINCE2 regarding:


Improving speed, efficiency, and positive outcomes at work

In most cases, no project is limited to a single discipline. Instead, projects are often multifarious, which means project managers have to cull all the necessary skills, resources, ideas, and technologies to put a project together within a reasonable timeframe.

Given the complex and demanding nature of project management, it’s imperative for project managers and senior executives to understand project management processes and apply appropriate techniques that can help them deliver the best results for the project.

PRINCE2 aids project managers in directing their focus toward their responsibilities within a project including what they’re supposed to deliver, why, when, and whom to deliver it to. This way, no time, money, resources, or effort goes to waste in project planning all the way to its implementation.


Improving marketability, helping one land a job faster, and keeping the ideal job longer

A PRINCE2 certification is like your entry ticket to your industry, as employers tend to look for this qualification on your CV for good reasons.

PRINCE2 educates project management professionals and executives based on best practices in the industry, so employers are more likely to hire employees who are PRINCE2 accredited and can contribute significantly to critical projects within the organization. The higher PRINCE2 qualifications you have, the more employment prospects and opportunities for career advancement await you.

With the premium that professionals place on PRINCE2, you might come across cases in which people who were let go by their companies use their severance pay to get PRINCE2 accreditation as they set their sight on their next job.


Values of PRINCE2 in Organizations

PRINCE2 is the most trusted project management certification program anywhere in the world, which leads international recognition to organizations applying the PRINCE2 methodology in their projects.

With a rapidly growing interest in PRINCE2 from companies worldwide, PRINCE2 has been designed to address the requirements and incorporate the experiences of its users in its framework.

No matter what industry your business caters to, you will find that the framework provided by PRINCE2 can be designed based on the type or size of your projects. That’s because PRINCE2 uses a standard set of language, systems, and procedures among the customers-users-suppliers chain, giving all stakeholders the necessary controls that will support the life of the project.


Organizations will appreciate that PRINCE2 is replete with the following elements:

  • Well-defined life cycles
  • A measure for business products
  • A set of activities or tasks to achieve business targets
  • A defined amount of needed resources
  • An organizational structure defining the responsibilities in project management


Parting Shot

In a nutshell, the PRINCE2 methodology demonstrates how you can streamline projects in smaller, more manageable stages to make it easier for you to plan and allocate your resources well. It also puts your organization on the same footing with industry leaders and competitors alike.

If you’re looking to gain more knowledge in project management, you should start with a PRINCE2 Foundation Certificate until you’re ready to explore your greater potential as a project management professional.




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