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Corporate Sustainability and Governance

Mastering Sustainability Management

Carbon Footprint – Offset your Indulgence (PAS 2050, ISO 14064)

Classroom Training   |   1 day


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Climate change is the current crisis the world is experiencing today. Climate change impacts have been manifested in the Philippines by extreme weather occurrence such as floods, droughts, forest fires, and an increase in tropical cyclones. 70 % of country’s communities are located in coastal areas thus it is vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Philippines being one of the earliest countries to recognize the importance of a systematic institutional response to the problem of climate change are taking enormous measures to reduce the GHG emissions causing the climate change. The Carbon Footprint (expressed in units of carbon dioxide, CO2) is a term used to describe the amount of GHG emissions caused by a particular activity or entity by an organization thus creating a quantitative method of assessing their contribution in climate change.

This 1-day awareness training on carbon footprint is a widely recognized methodology for accounting greenhouse gas emissions which contribute to climate change. The term ‘carbon footprint’ is commonly used but in many cases misunderstood but this course clearly explains the key principles of the methodology based on the principles of PAS 2050. The course is highly interactive and suitable for those addressing sustainability at a strategic level. During the workshop sessions, participants can calculate a footprint using a case study.

  • Introduction to climate change, legislation and the role of the Carbon Trust
  • Why Carbon Footprint
  • Overview of PAS 2050 and Life-cycle Assessment
  • The fundamental of PAS 2050
  • Calculating a Final Footprint Value
  • Emissions & Removals
  • Benefits of GHG reductions for an organization
  • Case Studies of product footprint projects
  • Summary

  • Identify the concept and importance of measuring your carbon footprint
  • Engage in reducing the GHG emissions causing climate change
  • Develop measures to reduce the impact of your carbon footprint
  • Determine the positive effects of reducing GHG emissions for your organization
  • Measure the carbon emissions from products and services
  • Understand carbon footprint as one of the major requirement for sustainability reporting

  • Environmental Specialists
  • Consultants
  • Managers responsible for Carbon accounting
  • Members of CSR team


There are no pre-course requirements needed to attend the course.


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