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Certified Data Center Risk Professional (CDRP) Training

Classroom Training   |   2 Days


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Data centres are at the core of many organizations. Downtime, of applications or the data centre itself, could
lead to major direct and indirect losses to the business. This has led many organizations to build resilience at
various levels such as at the data centre infrastructure and at the ICT layer. Fact is though that most companies are either over- or under spending due to the fact that many organizations have not been able to answer basic questions such as ‘what is the cost of downtime’ being it per application and/or the data centre itself.
This 2-day course is designed to know the cost of downtime otherwise it would be impossible
to determine the level of investment to mitigate the risks of downtime. It focuses on data center
infrastructure, physical data center facility and equipment. This program will also help participants to
identify, quantify and reduce risk to a level acceptable in their organization.

  • Follows the EPI Standard Data Center Framework

  • Introduction to Risk Management
  • Standards, Guidelines and Methodologies
  • Risk Management Definitions
  • Risk Assessment Software
  • Risk Management Process
  • Project Approach
  • Context Establishment
  • Risk Assessment – Identification
  • Risk Assessment – Analysis and Evaluation
  • Risk Treatment
  • Risk Monitoring and Review
  • Risk scenario’s
  • Exam

• Reduce the frequency and magnitude of incidents
• Meet regulatory and compliance requirements
• Support certification processes such as ISO/IEC 27001:2005
• Support overall corporate and IT governance

• IT Professionals/Practitioners
• Facilities/Data Center Operations professionals
• IT Security practitioners and professionals
• Business Managers and Consultants
• Data Center Managers
• Operations Managers
• Auditors/ Risk Managers


  • Participants who have at least 3 year(s) of actual experience in data center and/or IT infrastructure is recommended but not mandatory.




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