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Certified IT Professional

Classroom Training   |   2


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Working in the IT industry is a true challenge. The complexity and integration of business processes
and the continuous evolvement of information technology have reached levels never seen before
and to keep up with all the changes requires true dedication.
CITP® is a 2-day course designed to teach the skills, knowledge and competencies required of the
modern IT professional working at the entry level of IT. CITP® covers the fundamental processes
of IT operations. CITP® candidates will become instantly productive having gained knowledge and
understanding of the demands in today’s IT infrastructures. Their improved capabilities will deliver
immediate results, increasing eciency and signicantly reducing the margin for errors.

IT Strategy
 • The need for Information Technology
 • IT strategy and key objectives of IT
 • IT services and service catalogue
 • IT infrastructure and Data Centre
Service Management
 • Service desk
 • Event Management
 • Request fulfilment
 • Incident management
Project Management
 • Project management methods
 • Business case
 • Project constraints
 • Scope
 • Time
 • Cost
 • Monitor and control
 • Change request
 • Closing
Business Continuity Planning
 • Business continuity strategy
 • Resource requirements
 • Relocation of staff
 • Information requirements
 • Back-up strategies
 • Site selection
 • Business Continuity Plan (BCP)
 • Test and exercise
 • Review, report and follow-up
 • Monitor and review
 • Guidelines
 • Risk management
 • Identication of assets, threats,
 • vulnerabitities, existing controls
 • and consequences
 • Analysis
 • Evaluation
 • Treatment 
System Administration
 • Server hardware / server administration
 • Storage
 • Virtualisation
 • Database administration
 • Network fundamentals 
 • Importance of document management
 • Documentation guidelines
 • Documentation lifecycle
 • Type of documents
 • Document categories
 • Content Management Systems
Information Security
 • Standards and guidelines
 • Condentiality, integrity and availability
 • Administrative controls
 • Physical controls
 • Technical (logical) controls
 • Security logging
 • Application program and API’s
 • Software Development Life Cycle
 • DevOps
 • Design
 • Development
 • Testing
 • Deployment
IT Organisation
 • IT organisation
 • Data centre operations
 • IT operations
 • Data centre roles
 • IT operations roles
 • Quality
 • Quality control and assurance
 • Quality metrics
 • Key Performance Indicators
Vendor Selection / Management
 • Vendors
 • Vendor selection
 • RFP / technical coverage / due diligence
 • Place and receive orders
 • Verifying deliveries
 • Invoice verication
 • Maintenance and support
 • Monitoring and reporting

• Understand the role and importance of Information Technology in the organisation
• Describe the function of the IT organisation, roles and responsibilities
• Provide techinal input for vendors Request for Proposal
• Cooperate and coordinate with vendors for delivery, maintencance, support and monitoring activities
• Create, publish and maintain documentation

• Senior IT professionals
• Software Engineers
• Network Administrators
• CITP Certificate Holders (not mandatory)
• Existing IT Managers
• System integrators


• 2-4 years of actual IT working experience
• CITP certification (but not mandatory)


  • Prerequisites

    • 2-4 years of actual IT working experience
    • CITP certification (but not mandatory)




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