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COBIT 5 Foundation

Classroom Training   |   2 days


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The 21st century is marked by the success of IT incorporated in almost organizations. However, this trend is being met by complex governance and management challenges for enterprise leaders. With this, there is a concominant need to effectively align IT with business objectives so as to protect intellectual property, proactively deliver value, manage IT-related risk, avoid disaster and to maximize ROI. COBIT 5 was developed to address these many concerns.

This 3-day course will equip the participants with sufficient knowledge to guarantee that their IT assets sustain business goals, global regulations and risk scenarios. This can be achieved by ensuing that COBIT 5 will be used to fit IT Governance to their entire organization. Moreover, this course will also present the application of COBIT 5 framework and models covering the enterprise end-to-end. This course will help align IT with business objectives so as to attain maximum efficiency and effectiveness of the organization.

2 days of instructor led learning
Case studies and mock exams to complement COBIT 5 knowledge
Course manuals are provided as refresher materials


  • MODULE 1: Overview of COBIT®5 Workshop
  • MODULE 2: Principle 1 – Meeting Stakeholder Needs
  • MODULE 3: Principle 2 – Covering the Enterprise End-to-end
  • MODULE 4: Principle 3 – Applying a Single Integrated Framework
  • MODULE 5: Principle 4 – Enabling a Holistic Approach
  • MODULE 6: Principle 5 – Separating Governance From Management
  • MODULE 7: Implementation Guidance
  • MODULE 8: The COBIT®5 Process Model
  • MODULE 9: The COBIT®5 Process Reference Model
  • MODULE 10: COBIT®5 Process Reference Guide Contents
  • MODULE 11: Evaluate, Direct and Monitor (EDM)

Day 2

  • MODULE 1: Align, Plan and Organize (APO)
  • MODULE 2: Build, Acquire and Implement (BAI)
  • MODULE 3: Deliver, Service and Support (DSS)
  • MODULE 4: Monitor, Evaluate and Assess (MEA)3 MEA Processes
  • MODULE 5: Positioning GEIT
  • MODULE 6:Taking the First Steps Towards GEIT
  • MODULE 7:I dentifying Implementation Challenges and Success Factors
  • MODULE 8: Enabling Change
  • MODULE 9: Implementation Life Cycle Tasks, Roles and Responsibilities
  • MODULE 10: Using the COBIT®5 Components

    EXAMINATION: Exams should be taken on this day

  • Ensure the protection of intellectual property of the businesses
  • Help to manage IT-related risk and avoiding disasters
  • Improves enterprise communication throughout the entire organization
  • Proactively deliver value, maximize ROI and gain trust among customers. Benefits
  • Provide Enterprise-wide perspective and clearly align business and IT goals

  • Business Leaders
  • Stakeholders
  • Assurance Professional
  • IT Security Professional
  • IT Risk Professional
  • Privacy and Compliance Professional



There are no pre-course requirements to attend the course.


Candidates must achieve a score of 25/50 (50%) to pass the foundation course and be certified.


  • Will I Get a Course completion Certificate?

    Yes, we offer course completion certificate after you successfully complete the training program.

  • Is there any provision for group discounts for this training program?

    APEX Global offers standard promos such as the early bird or group discount contact training@eccinternational for more information 

  • Where is the classroom being held?

    Training venue will be announced one week before the said training day, and will be informed through email

  • Are there any Pre-requisites for this course?

    There are no pre-requisites for this course.

  • What is the process on getting the certification?

    Candidates must achieve a score of 25/50 (50%) to pass the foundation course and be certified.

  • What is the importance of this training?

    COBIT 5 provides a  framework that assists enterprises in achieving their objectives with regards to the governing organization IT assets . It helps organizations create value from IT by maintaining a balance in benefits and minimizing risks. It helps for the organization to manage IT resources which encompass multiple areas of the business from all IT functional Areas to IT interests of internal and external stakeholders. This training is useful for organizations of all sizes.


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