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Competency Profiling

Classroom Training   |   2 days


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Competency management has become an increasingly important concept to many organizations. Many believe that the wealth of organization depends on the knowledge and skills of its people. Over the recent years, organizations have realized that successful performance comes not just from the skills and knowledge that a person possess, but also from things such as attitudes, motives and beliefs that govern the person’s action and behaviors. The combination of these multiple factors has come to be known as “competency”. This 2- day program will help participants to develop the skills, knowledge and behavior required to perform the job efficiently and enhance organizational capability. It also aims to add value to external customers as the result of improved employee performance leading to better services or products.

Introduction Competency vis-à-vis competency management

  • Definition: Competency profiling
    • Influence to organizations
      • Types of competency
      • Between competency and job description

Role of competency management Role of Four (4) major components of the competency model The HR framework based on competency Tools and Techniques on Competency Profiling:

  • Types of interview: the difference between conventional and competencybased
  • Bias in the interview process

First impressions Halo effect Tools / techniques for competency profiling (continued)

  • Competency-based training and development
    • Understanding the competencybased training framework
    • Competency profiling per person
  • Training matrix for competency development
  • Competency-based performance management
    • Individual performance elements
    • Assessing competency through assessment center
    • Types of test in assessment center

Benefits of using competency model(s) Summary and Wrap-up Discussions

  • Develop competence in competency models, concepts and methods;
  • Develop and practice behavioral event interview and competency checking;
  • Identify and learn the use of competencies in performance management;
  • Learn the use of competencies in succession planning and talent management, training and development and compensation.

  • HR Directors
  • Senior Managers
  • Middle Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Staff members




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