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CQA – Certified Quality Associate

Classroom Training   |   2 days


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Customer satisfaction and operational harmony are considered as marks of quality excellence in an
organization. Holding the key to such success are strong processes and enabled people. Enabling
people with the right set of skills and knowledge help you boost your bottom line through their mastery
and encourage an organizational culture that strives for better performance.

The Certified Quality Associate (CQA) program is a 2-day a foundation course in quality that provides
essential knowledge needed to grasp the benefits of establishing quality management system and build
a competitive edge among other entities in this fast-changing business environment. This program
is designed to allow the participants to thoroughly understand the underlying concepts of “Quality”,
identify and understand various management systems, measure performances qualitatively and
quantitatively, identify various management standards, and be acquainted with various approaches to
talent management.

2 days of Comprehensive instructor led training.
Training manuals and quick info cards are provided for easy reference.
Echo CD is provided to ensure content is spread within the organization.

  • Module 1: Quality Concepts
  • Module 2: Team Basics
  • Module 3: Customer – Vendor Relationship Management
  • Module 4: Continuous Improvement Techniques
  • Module 5: Process Design
  • Module 6: Process Control
  • Module 7: The Quality System

  • Get the latest and practical information from the program acquired from international best practices;
  • Create, innovate and spearhead quality initiatives within your organization;
  • Ensure strong financial returns on investments from training and program implementation
  • Understand the importance of quality concepts and its influence on organizations from operations
    to management;
  • Interpret and define approaches and initiatives – from quality improvements to financial returns.

  • Managers and Supervisors
  • Department Heads
  • Project Managers
  • Quality Management Representatives
  • Project Improvement Team Members


For Certificate of Attendance:

  • Completion of Certified Quality Associate Training with 100% attendance.


For Certified Quality Associate:

  • Completion of Certified Quality Associate Training with 100% attendance.
  • Successful completion of the certification exams with 80% score.
  • Successful completion of exercises and case studies during training.


  • Will I Get a Course completion Certificate?

    Yes, we offer course completion certificate after you successfully complete the training program.

  • Is there any provision for group discounts for this training program?

    APEX Global offers standard promos such as the early bird or group discount. Contact training@eccinternational for more information.

  • Where is the classroom session being held?

    Training venue will be announced one week before the said training day, and participants will be informed through email.

  • Are there any pre-requisites for this course?

    There are no pre-requisites for this course.

  • How do I get the Certification?

    • Completion of Certified Quality Professional Training with
      100% attendance.

    For Certified Quality Professional Certificate:

    • Completion of Certified Quality Professional Training with
      100% attendance.
    • Successful completion of the certification exam with 80%
    • Successful completion of exercises and case studies during
  • What is the importance of this training in Quality?

    Completing the course allows the participant to build on the competitive edge of their organization through the concepts of quality. Overall participants can contribute to the overall organizational effectiveness through controlling product and service quality, and showing personnel to be an indispensable part of the business process.  


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