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DRP – Disaster Recovery Practitioner

Classroom Training   |   2 days


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Disasters can vary from almost anything and can happen anytime, from environmental to IT systems attacks, utility failures, equipment breakdowns. However, most organizations are not fully prepared for such incidents and suffer damages from severe financial impact, loss of data, and loss of customer confidence.

Disaster Recovery, which is often in line with Business continuity, is now an integral part of a business. It deals with the steps and precautions that have to be taken in order to minimize the effects of a disaster and that the organization can resume mission-critical functions. Disaster recovery involves an analysis of business processes and the technological infrastructures that support business functions and ensure that organization plans match best practices.

Disaster Recovery Practitioner is a 2 day course designed to teach in identifying vulnerabilities and use countermeasures for disaster risks in an organization. It provides the professional with a foundation in disaster recovery principles, drafting a disaster recovery plan, development of processes and policies, and the various recovery strategies to ensure timely recovery of systems and infrastructure in an event of a disaster.

2 days of Instructor led learning classroom learning

Training manuals and quick info cards are provided for easy reference

Introduction to Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
Nature and Causes of Disasters
Emergency Management
Business Continuity Management
Disaster Recovery Planning Process
Data Recovery
Incident Response

●Learn thorough knowledge on how to develop viable, easy to use recovery plans that
address hazards and contingencies
●Conduct risk analysis, business impact analysis and recovery strategy analysis
●Provide elements of recovery capability through training and exercising programs
●Expose to emergency response techniques from the development of checklists to crafting
concise communications releases
●Gain confidence that technology infrastructure is speedily recovered
●Enhance skills for better disaster preparedness, recovery planning and assessment and
protection of organizations from risks

●Risk Management/ Assessment Professionals
●IT Managers
●Data Center Professionals
●BC Coordinators /Managers
●IT Security Officers/ Server and System Administrators



There are no pre-course materials to attend the course


  • Will I Get a Course completion Certificate?

    Yes, we offer course completion certificate after you successfully complete the training program.

  • Is there any provision for group discounts for this training program?

    APEX Global offers standard promos such as the early bird or group discount contact training@eccinternational for more information.

  • Where is the classroom being held?

    Training venue will be announced one week before the said training day, and will be informed through email.

  • Are there any Pre-requisites for this course?

    There are no pre-course requirements to attend the course.


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