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DPA – Data Privacy Act RA 10173

Classroom Training   |   2 days


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In today’s inter-linked cloud network, data or information has never been easier to share. Due to this, data management has become a challenging role when it comes to securing/preventing threats and risks. This is where data privacy comes into the picture. Data privacy, also called information privacy, is the aspect of information technology (IT) that deals with the ability an organization or an individual has to determine what data in a computer system can be shared with third parties and how this information or data is handled. Data Privacy tackles the legal perspective in information technology (IT) data management such as authorization of access, handling and distribution. Information Security (InfoSec) on the other hand focuses more on the technical perspective; threat response, security controls, risk assessments, disaster recovery and internal audits. Data Privacy and Information Security works hand in hand to provide 360 degree training for data management in order to prevent any legal or technical risks from happening.

In this 2-day course, we will provide you the model and process to raise the awareness of your staff in respect of their rights and responsibilities under the Data Privacy Act 2012 RA 10173. Both the legal and technical/operation implications are examined and the practical measures that you can take to comply with the legislation.

At the end of the training, participants are expected to:

• Understand the RA 10173 Implementing Rules
• Review and update the current data management process and be aligned with the ISO 27001:2013 Security Controls to RA 10173
• Understand what Information Security is
• Learn and apply the importance of security controls

Day 1

Data Privacy Act R.A. 10173

 Module 1: Overview of Data Privacy
   • Global Trends
   • Data Management Challenges
   • 8 Principles

 Module 2: Rules and Regulations
   • Preliminary Provisions
   • Scope of Application
   • National Privacy Principles
   • Lawful Processing of Personal Data
   • Security Measure for Protection of Personal Data
   • Security of Sensitive Personal Information in Gov’t
   • Rights of Data Subject
   • Data Breach Notification
   • Outsourcing and subcontracting agreements
   • Registration and Compliance requirements
   • Rules on Accountability
   • Penalties
   • Miscellaneous Provisions

 Module 3: ISO 27032:2012
   • Data Privacy and Security
   • Organizational Security Measures
   • Physical security measures
   • Guidelines for technical security measures

Day 2

InfoSec Controls Implementations

 Module 4: Overview of Information Security
   • Overview of and Responses to Threats
   • InfoSec Principles

 Module 5: Interpretation of Security Controls

 Module 6: Risk Assessments
   • Risk Analysis
   • Risk Evaluation
   • Risk Treatment

 Module 7: Information Classification
   • Confidential (top confidentiality level)
   • Restricted (medium confidentiality level)
   • Internal Use (lowest level of confidentiality)
   • Public

 Module 8: Data Protection
   • Policies
   • Authorities

 Module 9: Organization Security
   • Requirements & Description
   • Best Practices

 Module 10: Technical Security
   • Requirements & Description
   • Best Practices

 Module 11: Physical Security
   • Controls & Descriptions
   • Best Practices

 Module 12: Incidence Management
   • Overview of Incidence Management Plan
   • Best Practices

 Module 13: Disaster Recovery
   • Overview of Disaster Recovery Plan
   • Coverage

 Module 14: Internal Audit
   • Schedule

Ice Breakers/Quizzes/Case Studies/Workshops
Wrap-up/ Summary

• Adhere and learn the global trends & challenges in data management IS/DP
• Improve handling of sensitive information
• Improve security measures when handling data
• Lead your team in adhering to R.A. 10173
• Improve your team’s response to threat
• Gain knowledge in assessing risks in IT data management
• Learn and apply the different levels of data/information confidentiality

• IT Risk Auditors, Managers, Officers
• InfoSec Officers, Managers
• IT Governance
• ICT Department
• IT Manager
• Data Manager


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