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Integrated Metrics Management (People, Process & Organization)

Classroom Training   |   2 Days


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“Measurement is the first step that leads to control and eventually to improvement. If you can’t measure something,
you can’t understand it. If you can’t understand it, you can’t control it. If you can’t control it, you can’t improve it.” –

Metrics and measures have become an essential in every facet of business management. Be it process, people or the organization’s performance in total. As the popular saying goes, anything that cannot be measured does not exist or is a subject for elimination. This leaves us with a looming question on Are we measuring right? Are our metric parameters relaying the as-is performance of the subject? Are my KPIs contributing towards my strategic goal? Are my KPIs green but the end result is far from expected? Every executive needs answer for the above questions to take advised over intuitive decisions.

This 2-day course is outlined to help practitioners understand the nitty gritty in Metrics Lifecycle management.

Expert Facilitator
The program is facilitated by one of the leading consultants with years of experience in consulting and training in various industries, giving the participants the advantage to tap on his extensive experience to solve practical problems in their current environment.

Interactive Learning
From face-to-face interaction to modules and workbooks, the training is an instructor-led course with a combination of presentation modules and interactive sessions with participants, allowing mindshare to proactively address specific needs and issues in their own environment.

Up-to-date Information
Provides the latest updates on best practices from industries across the globe with case studies and practical information acquired from the training and resources of our trainer.

Training Package
We provide high quality and well-researched training materials to make learning a meaningful experience for the participants. The training aids we provide to our participants are used as a quick reference resource for future use.

MODULE 1: Building Blocks of Organization

MODULE 2: Basics of Metrics

MODULE 3: Identify Right Metrics

MODULE 4: Metrics and Data Collection

MODULE 5: Analyzing and Presenting the Data

MODULE 6: Metrics and Decision Making

MODULE 7: Psychological impacts of metrics

MODULE 8: The metrics life-cycle


  • Make more sound decisions to help the company align its assets with its goals
  • Assess and identify area for improvement
  • Improve the company’s overall throughput by continuous monitoring of data
  • Strengthen the company’s strategic value by aligning KPIs with the set vision.

  • Operations Managers / Supervisors / Leaders
  • Quality Managers / Analysts / Engineers
  • HR Managers / Specialists / Generalists
  • Administrative Managers / Officers / Specialists
  • IT Managers / Officers / Specialist


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