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Organizational Project Management Maturity Model

Classroom Training   |   2 Days


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Accepting projects that are not aligned with your company and its goals would more likely to be a liability than an asset. Misallocation of resources, abridgment of strategy, and disorientation of the company identity; these are just some of the implications that Organizational Project Management is designed to tackle.

Organizational Project Management Maturity Model (OPM3) is a 2-day course structured to help the participant gauge their company’s current project management maturity and formulate a model that will boost their portfolio management performance. The course is aligned to the OPM3 Model as set by the Project Management Institute.

  1. Maximize value of project investments while minimizing risks
  1. Develop a maturity model based on the current organization and apply strategies in line with PMI standards
  1. Implement continuous improvement throughout the organization based on maturity model assessed
  1. Increase throughput in the portfolio pipeline by efficient management and handling
  1. Identify the best practice to be implemented at an organizational level for optimization of specific projects

MODULE 1: Fundamentals of OPM3

MODULE 2: Organizational Project Management

MODULE 3: Organizational Project Management Maturity Model (OPM3)

MODULE 4: OPM3 Self Assessment

MODULE 5: Continuous Improvement

Module 6: OPM3 Case Studies

At the end of the training, participants are expected to:

  • Learn the best practices in organizational project management designed with the PMI standards.
  • Be better in integrating the stakeholder’s interest in the project while maintaining the company’s strategic goals and business values.


  • Be able to perform an assessment of the current state of the organizational project management and devise an improvement plan.
  • Be able to revisit the Portfolio and Program Management components of the organization and align the projects effectively with the company vision.
  • Be able to select the projects that would best align with the company’s strategic goals

  • Project Managers and Professionals
  • Team / Portfolio / Account / Program and Delivery Managers
  • Project Sponsors / Leaders / Coordinators / Controllers



  • Working knowledge on Organization Project Management and/or Project Management




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