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Resilia® Foundation

Classroom Training   |   3 days


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How secure is your business? How valuable are your assets? What if your most valuable intellectual property lost to a competitor? What happens when you realize a security rupture? How could you recover from such a severe damage?

The world is changing so fast, with new threats emerging every day. We can’t completely safeguard against every threat, but we can certainly do something about known vulnerabilities and plan for worst-case scenarios. This is where Resilia comes in – a Cyber best practice, designed to to increase awareness of cyber risks and identify opportunities to to improve your organisation’s cyber resilience through prevention, detection and addressing the impact that cyber-attacks have on the information required to do business

This 3-day program will help the participants to understand cyber risks and identify the opportunities to improve their organization’s cyber resilience. It will also provide them with practical knowledge on how to prepare for, respond to and effectively recover from cyber-attacks, as well detailing the proactive prevention activities, all in line with current service management best practices.

  • Identify the purpose, benefits, and key terms of cyber resilience;
  • Outline risk management and the key activities needed to address risks and opportunities;
  • Understand the purpose of a security management system and how best practices and standards can contribute;
  • Analyze cyber resilience strategy, design, transition, operation and continual improvement with the associated control objectives, and their interactions with IT service management activities; and
  • Describe the purpose and benefits of segregation of duties and dual controls

Day 1

  • Module 1: Intro to Cyber Resilience
  • Module 2: Risk management
  • Module 3: Managing Cyber Resilience
  • Module 4: Cyber Resilience Strategy
  • Module 5: Cyber Resilience Design
  • Case Study


Day 2

  • Module 6: Cyber Resilience Transition
  • Module 7: Cyber Resilience Operation
  • Case Study


Day 3

  • Module 8: Cyber Resilience Continual Improvement
  • Module 9: Cyber Resilience Roles & responsibilities
  • Mock Exam
  • Exam

  • Learn about preventative, detective, and corrective control methods allowing them to identify the risks and to function effectively in a challenging environment. 
  • Provides understanding in common management standards and best practice frameworks that would help them in making decisions to anticipate counter and/or recuperate accordingly from cyber-attacks.
  • Participants will learn how to effectively manage and conform with cyber resilience

  • IT Service Management
  1. Operations and Incident Management
  2. IT Change and Release Management
  3. IT Supplier and Vendor Management
  1. BusinessAnalyst
  2. IT Architects
  • Development
  • IT Project and Programme Management
  • Risk and Compliance
  1. Information Security Management
  2. BusinessContinuity Managers


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