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Software Quality Management Professional (ASQ Aligned)

Classroom Training   |   2 days


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Product and Process Quality Assurance is a fundamental set of processes behind the success of software quality. Implementing the right quality controls and assurance is imperative in software development from concept to go live, and to understand and learn the proper techniques and methods in managing quality throughout the development lifecycle is crucial to success. The Software Quality Management Practitioner (SQMP) program is a 2-day beginner course in software quality that provides basic knowledge and tools needed to establish a total quality management process enabled through the understanding of analytical tools and techniques acquired in this class. This program is designed to allow the practitioner to undergo a basic learning process of managing a product and process quality assurance program that will enable the practitioner to inspect software development process throughout its lifecycle. The fundamentals of software quality management from the requirements of PPQA will be the main focus of this program.

Learn software quality concepts and how PPQA fits into the software development model
Acquire solid understanding of the roles & responsibilities of the PPQA professional and how it fits into the various processes in software development
Verify the software development lifecycle in terms of quality assurance

  • Module 1: General Quality Knowledge
  • Module 2: The Professional PPQA Practitioner
  • Module 3: Software Quality Management Requirements
  • Module 4: Software Audits
  • Module 5: Software Quality Management

  • Gain a complete understanding of the PPQA process
  • Learn to apply the Quality Management Principles of ISO 9001 Quality Management System
  • Understand the end to end Quality Lifecycle in Software Development

  • QA Software Managers and Engineers
  • Software Process Engineers (QA Analyst)
  • Software Project Managers


There are no pre-course requirement to attend the course




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