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Training Need Analysis

Classroom Training   |   1 day


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The Training Needs Analysis is a critical activity for the training and development function. Training Needs Analysis are necessary in developing relevant and effective education or training programs as useful products. These programs and products can be used by your organization, or for external customers. Training needs analysis allows you to directly link the skills needed within the organization to the current skill level. By assessing target audience needs, you can determine a focus and direction for investments made in products or training, and extend the reach and impact of environmental programming.

This 1-day course is designed to equip you with the skills required to carry out a training needs analysis for your organization. You will be able to make recommendations and implement findings to ensure a good return on your training investment.

Training Needs Identification

  • Identifying training needs in a business-driven context
  • Linking to corporate vision, strategy and organizational objectives
  • Recognizing training needs revealed by business performance shortfall


A Systematic Model

  • Understanding the stages of the systematic training needs analysis model
  • Logical sequencing
  • Identifying residual, present and future training needs


Collection and Analysis of Information

  • Collecting information about knowledge and skills requirements for specific job competencies
  • Sources of information
  • Using and adapting survey instruments, questionnaires, interviews, observation


Six general areas of needs analysis

  • Job Assignments and hazards
  • Trainee Background
  • Work Environment
  • Informational and Training Aids
  • Training Needs


Developing Solutions

  • Appropriate training interventions
  • Producing the initial action plan
  • Determining priorities
  • Identifying ‘achievement windows’
  • Defining costs, success criteria and benefits


Reporting to support recommendations




  • Discuss what a needs assessment is and when and why to conduct one
  • Identify the steps in planning a needs assessment
  • Demonstrate how to characterize an audience, setting an appropriate method for data collection and Identify considerations for analyzing and managing data
  • List the benefits of conducting a needs assessment

  • Managers
  • Supervisor
  • HR personnel
  • Team leader




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