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Training ROI – Return of Investment

Classroom Training   |   2 days


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A competent workforce is imperative for corporate survival. Companies that have this type of workforce are spending more time, money and effort than ever to make it work. Training expenditure is increasing by at least 15% every year* (in 2006, Training expenditure in Asia amounted to $ 30B), 45% of which goes to payroll of training planning, administration and management. While the cause is very significant, the outcomes need to be properly measured and effectively managed to make the effort count for sustainable improvement and continued success.

This 2-day program focuses primarily on reinstating the way to effectively setup or strengthen a Training Management System (TMS) within the organization and using simple yet proven techniques aligned with the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), the world’s largest association dedicated to workplace learning and performance professionals. The program helps participants understand how to calculate the TRUE Training Return of Investment (ROI) & help the management make strategic decisions about human capital investment which have direct impact on bottom-line performance.

● Expert Facilitator
The program is facilitated by one of our leading consultants with years of experience in consulting and training in various industries, thus, giving the participants the advantage to tap on his extensive experience to solve practical problems in their current environment.

● Proven Best Practices
The program not only utilizes the ISO 10015 to introduce the Training Management Cycle but also it takes guidance from the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) to achieve better alignment of organizational strategy with the training initiatives, localized, to ensure relevance to the participants.

● Interactive Learning
From face-to-face interaction to modules and workbooks, the training is an instructor-led course with a combination of presentation modules and interactive sessions with participants, allowing mindshare to proactively address specific needs and issues in their own environment.

● Up-to-date Information
Provides the latest updates on best practices from industries across the globe with case studies and practical information acquired from the training and resources of our trainer.

● Training Package
We provide high quality and well-researched training materials to make learning a meaningful experience for the participants.

The training aids we provide to our participants are used as a quick reference resource for future use.

  • Org. Training & ROI – An Overview
  • Effective Training Management – The Best Practices
  • Allocating Budget for Training Programs
  • Various approaches for an effective training
  • Training ROI Framework
  • Evaluation Planning & Data Collection
  • Data Analysis
  • Case Studies
  • Creating ROI Analysis Plan
  • Effective Delivery and Evaluation – Keys to Success
  • Training ROI Calculation – The Best Practices
  • Reporting
  • Gap Analysis
  • Case Studies & Exercise
  • Summary & Discussion

  • Understand and appreciate the importance of effective organization learning and development;
  • Strengthen your training management plan based on ISO 10015 complying to ISO 9000 requirements and through the strategic learning approach of the ASTD;
  • Identify and assess the true training ROI to better manage funds and resources;
  • Learn how to create a strong training and competency management framework for performance excellence;
  • Align trainings to the organization’s strategic objectives and measure how it affects the bottom line.
  • Provide assurance to top management and stakeholders that organization trainings will deliver high-value return on investment.

  • HR Managers
  • Learning and Development Managers
  • Training Managers
  • Quality Managers
  • Department Heads
  • Anyone who is tasked to manage learning and competency development in the organization


There are no pre-course requirements needed to attend the course.


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