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Risk Management in the Digital Age

With the digital age changing at a lightning speed, the face of risk management is altering its course too. Organizations need to monitor the evolving risk landscape in this technological world and to stay ahead in foreseeing the dangers which they may not have...

Big Data: Transformation and Adoption

The world follows the buzz around big data and advanced analytics not only because data is important for every individual or business but also how big data has a great potential to leave a long-lasting impact when it comes to understanding data and taking important...

Agile Methodology: Which fits best for you?

In today’s fast-paced professional world where software development is evolving continuously, gone are the days when standard practices to manage projects can be totally operational and helpful. Organizations have realized the importance of agility in project...

The Scrum Team: Roles and Responsibilities

The Agile Manifesto was originally created to fix the gaps caused by document-driven, time-consuming software development processes like the waterfall approach. Agile Project Management (APM) segregates projects into small tasks that need to be completed in specific...

A Beginner’s Guide to DevOps

Your organization wants to use the DevOps delivery approach and you are in the middle of nowhere, as the term sounds completely alien to your world. So, before you may analyse how and where to use it, you must know what DevOps is and what it is not. Even before that,...

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