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How are you currently handling workforce training in your company given the irreversible global shift in working model? Is your company one of those that use their existing HR Information System (HRIS)? Or do you already have a Learning Management System (LMS) in place? If you don’t have an LMS in place yet and are currently relying on your existing HRIS to handle your training needs, take this as a sign to upgrade to an LMS. 

An LMS is a specialized software application that handles any and all aspects of organizational training such as training needs planning, learning content creation, learner administration, progress tracking and intuitive reporting. Modern LMS solutions can also help role-based skill mapping, custom learner journey creation, content authoring, and gamified learner engagement to ensure adoption.

Irrespective of the solution that you are using right now, below are a few classic scenarios that serve as indication for you to look into a new solution.

Your platform has poor user interface and accessibility

We live in a world where most people have smartphones. Should your employees need training while they are working from home, you would need a platform that has a user-friendly interface and is also compatible with any mobile or computer device. New LMS platforms have mobile compatibility. Your employees can access training materials, view instructional videos, and participate in training even when they are not in the office. 

This flexibility in how you deliver training and learning to your employees is what would help you get a step ahead of your competitors. Mobile compatibility, gamification, a less rigid but no less serious way of engaging your employees will ensure that they retain information better while enjoying the actual training experience. You get more knowledgeable employees who are more engaged and this will translate to their productivity and contribution to your company.

Your training platform lacks learner engagement

You may have a good curriculum in place, but still have zero learners enrolled because your training platform is not engaging. Motivation is a great way to ensure successful learning — and fortunately, LMS platforms now have features that would motivate learners to stay on track and finish their course. 

Features such as avatars and gamification badges make learning fun and game-like for the trainees. Now, one might think that it’s a bit childish and unprofessional, but this is actually a great way for employees to take a break from their more serious tasks. Gamification tools such as badges, scoreboards, and points can motivate learners to stay on track, abide by LMS rules, and regularly participate. LMS will also take care of the social aspect of training. After all, your training platform shouldn’t just be an online archive, but an interactive learning environment. LMS can enable your learners to share content and ideas with other users.

You need in-depth analytics

Tracking the progress of your trainees can be a tedious chore. Grading quizzes, and keeping track of who is lagging behind and who needs more focus on certain areas can become a complicated affair. If all this tracking is done manually, chances are, some trainees’ needs could fall to the wayside. 

Having an LMS that automatically tracks the trainees progress and gives out reports based on their performance can save your company hours or production time that could have gone to more productive pursuits. LMS platforms can automatically keep track of all the participants, which training they signed up for and actually attended and completed, and  their certification and recertification needs. The returns of investing in LMS can pay out in spades from the man-hours saved alone. 

Training people is starting to cost more

When you hire people, you need to train them. Every batch of new hires needs basic training at the very least. If you have training on-site, these things will cost money. And with what happened with the lockdowns caused by the pandemic, getting your employees trained has gotten even more tricky and expensive. 

Having an LMS in place provides you with the flexibility of learning — and as long as we’re talking about costs, you’d need an LMS that is flexible, too. Older LMS platforms are a lot harder to maintain, so it might be wiser to invest in cloud-based systems via subscription that already include implementation and upgrades. 

Your company is growing

One of the best times to invest in an LMS is when your business is starting to grow. Why? Because this is the time when you outgrow older processes and systems, and need something that can keep up with your growth. 

Modern LMS products have scalability — they grow with your company. The learning platforms that you’ve used before your expansion may no longer serve its purpose because with expansion comes expanding needs. You will probably have new products and that would require your employees to learn all about them. You could be hiring more people to fill newly opened positions and their training needs exceed what your current system’s capability. 

Next move

If you think that it is time to make that leap to LMS, you will need to choose one that is the right fit. Learning platforms like Disprz can embed itself into your business, so they provide you with what you need as your business grows. Automated learning processes, skill benchmarking, real-time data tracking, diverse content formats, and greater visibility of learning progress are all within your reach. You just need to take that next step.


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