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Professionals in this day and age know very well that the key to a successful career is continuous growth and development. A 2021 global study suggests that employees, especially gen Z, believe that learning is key to success in their career. They also believe that workplace learning will help them find new opportunities within the company. Another survey shows that 50% of millennial employees would want to learn a new skill when tasked with a new work function.

Living in a fast-paced and always-on world, training needs have inevitably shifted. Gone are the days when monthly or annual training opportunities could suffice. Today, it is more efficient and productive when learners are able to access information they need exactly when they need it. This may mean one-on-one training with a manager, mentor, or coach; or online through a learning management system (LMS).

Tools like online learning libraries — where employees get access to thousands of online courses — have been central to training and development strategy of today. And if you are in a position making a business case for online learning libraries, the list below might help. 

Why Online Learning Libraries are Worth the Investment

They promote a culture of learning

Developing a learning culture in the workplace is an investment, and your organization will definitely reap tremendous benefits. Incorporating learning into your company culture does not happen overnight, but investing in an online learning library is a step towards it. 

When employees are given the avenue to proactively learn on their own, they feel more accountable for their own learning and development. This inculcates a culture of learning among employees. Thus, investing in online learning libraries is a sustainable business strategy as it enables employees to acquire and transfer knowledge that creates value. It also makes fast and adaptable learners out of employees — something that is very important amidst the constantly changing demands of a dynamic economy.

They foster learning on demand

Also known as just-in-time learning, learning on demand simply means giving employees the avenue to access training in the moment of need. Today’s workplace is fast-paced and dynamic, thanks to automation and other technological advancements. Therefore, it would not be efficient if training and learning to create an interruption in the employees’ productivity. Rather, learning must be incorporated into their daily routine — helping them perform their tasks and increase their productivity. Employees are then able to apply the newly-gained knowledge right away, saving time and money in the bottom line. 

Online learning libraries support learning on demand by serving as a platform in which employees can access courses and other training materials they need at the moment, without having to wait for a scheduled classroom training. 

They reduce cost per learner or learning hour significantly

Upskilling is far more cost-effective and efficient to upskill existing employees than continuously hiring and onboarding new recruits. While there are different learning styles, an online learning library is a safe bet as a tool in upskilling. With thousands of courses available for them, employees have the opportunity to learn skills that would meet the evolving demands of their jobs. 

This is a more cost effective choice than instructor-led classroom training where in principle you ‘pay per course’. Investing in an online learning library enables you to offer training courses to more employees, reducing cost per learner or learning hour. 

The pandemic introduced a lot of changes in the workplace — most of them entail learning to navigate new tools and applications, or automating certain tasks. Upskilling in these times will enable your organization to seamlessly adapt to the new normal and eventually bounce back.

Empower and positively influence employee morale

Employees feel valued and empowered when they are provided with opportunities for continuous growth and development. A company culture that supports learning motivates employees to grow and excel in the company, which can only be good for business as this translates to increased loyalty to the organization. 

Having an online learning library in place helps create a solid and thriving learning culture that will, in turn, attract high-value talents that have a love for learning and knowledge. By doing so, you create a workplace full of passionate learners and highly adaptable employees. 

Achieve significant ROI in short period of time

Since online learning libraries are readily available and accessible to employees, you are able to train more staff in a short period of time. This translates to significantly higher and faster return on investment. 

Employees learn on demand, which means they are also able to apply what they learned right away. Furthermore, online learning libraries also expedite onboarding, helping new recruits reach full productivity sooner. 

Freshness of content

One might think freshness of content can be the downside of off-the-shelf online learning libraries. Luckily, platforms such as Udemy for Business offer thousands upon thousands of training courses, with new additions every month. When there’s a topic that is trending and hot in the industry, expect it to be uploaded to the platform promptly. Employees will definitely benefit from these timely and value-adding courses — and in turn, help their organization achieve and even exceed their targets. 

Final Thoughts

Embracing learning on demand by investing in online learning libraries might just be the game-changer you need in your organization. Giving your employees the opportunity for continuous learning empowers them and positively influences their morale — increasing employee satisfaction and loyalty. Online learning libraries can also support your upskilling efforts and help your company meet the demands of a dynamic economy. Lastly, they promote a culture of learning, which can attract high-value talents.

If you are exploring learning libraries for your organization, then you must look into Udemy for Business. Learn more about the same here.




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