Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA): Learning Kit


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Reliability and high quality can be achieved through extensive testing and other quality models. But traditionally, these are applied at later stages of product development cycle.

FMEA is the model to be applied in the early design phase of the development cycle. So, the challenge is to design in quality and reliability early in the development cycle.

This toolkit educates you in identifying potential failure modes, determine their effect, and identify mitigation actions. Following are the contents of the toolkit:

  1. Visually rich animated training with voice over.
  2. The training covers every aspect of FMEA and FMEA types.
  3. Extensive information about Design FMEA with the following:
  • Steps of DFMEA
  • Root Cause Identification
  • Occurrence Ranking
  • Detection Ranking
  • Risk classification action plan
  • Mistake proofing
  1. Following are the topics covered in Process FMEA:
  • Components of Process FMEA
  • Steps of PFMEA
  • Risk priority ratings
  • Action Plan development
  1. Interactive quizzes to evaluate your learning Process
  2. Ready to deploy mandatory documents:
  • DFMEA sample
  • DFMEA analysis worksheet
  • FMEA scope definition worksheet
  • PFMEA analysis worksheet
  • PFMEA sample
  1. Collection of reference materials from online resources

Failure Mode and Effects Analysis, in essence, assesses potential errors in the process at a bottom (fundamental) level – either minimizing or eliminating errors in the whole system.

With over decades of application since its beginnings in the aviation industry, this method is proven useful for strategic planning due to anticipated potential errors in the analysis and widely used by several industries.

What will you receive on purchase of this toolkit?

CD with comprehensive training library on FMEA concepts

Campaign Materials
Free web link to download our FMEA campaign materials including posters and reference cards

Remote Consultation
Optional remote consultation for additional FMEA support and guidance




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