HR Toolkit on Human Capital Management


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Informative, Interactive & Educational!!!

Benefit from an interesting and innovative way of learning! Listen to the voiceover that guides through the interactive content. Quizzes allow a regular check in the progress of learning, and the lively content makes studying a real experience.

Michael A. Potter identifies three major steps that are covered in the training:

Recruitment explains the process of selecting the best employee, and lists the factors that might influence the outcome such as identifying the key issues during recruitment; finding the competencies needed; how to set up assessment centres, and many more.

Development describes the ways how existing staff can be trained to enhance their competence, including the best strategies – benefiting both individuals and the organisation. It assists to prepare staff in becoming leaders through career guidance and job design.

Retention identifies the strategies to keep the employees and make the organisation attractive for them from time to time. Such strategies include culture fit, the establishment of organisational commitment, good working environment, financial participation, and numerous other strategies.

This toolkit can offer the following:

  • Explains the process of recruitment, development, and retention
  • Helps to learn and apply the best practices to hire a new employee
  • Shows how to make the best out of the existing staff
  • Includes interactive tools and quizzes to make learning even more enjoyable
  • Contains sample forms/templates for all documents involved in recruitment process

Why use Michael A. Potter’s Recruiting, Selecting, and Retaining Human Capital course?

  • Shows the best practices for new employee recruitment
  • Offers several ways for developing existing staff
  • Reveals techniques to retain talented workforce
  • Allows interesting, interactive, self-paced study
  • Focuses on specification, not uniformity
  • Based on the experiments of Michael A. Potter, internationally recognised HR specialist

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Carry out recruitment process properly
  • Select the best possible employee
  • Make the existing staff more competent in accordance with the needs of the market
  • Retain human capital by creating attractive working atmosphere and good employee relations

List of Content in the DVD:

Recruitment process

  • Job analysis – methods
  • Job description
  • Person Specification – Rodger Seven Point Plan
  • Attracting applicants
  • Assessment
  • Decision

Recruiting talent

  • Key issues when recruiting
  • Competency modelling – Great 8 Competencies
  • Assessment Centers
  • Global dimension


  • Training
  • Benefits – for individuals and organisations
  • Training strategies
  • Training benefits
  • Learning
  • Succession development – Prepare staff to be leaders!
  • Career guidance
  • Job design
  • Development centers
  • Job characteristics model


  • Culture fit
  • Good employee relations
  • Organisational citizenship
  • Work-life balance, job security
  • Organisational design
  • Rewards and benefits
  • Financial and psychological rewards
  • Psychological contract
  • Environment
  • Organisational Commitment
  • Task and group based involvement
  • Financial participation
  • Employee representatives
  • Work Arrangements




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