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Assured Information Security Compliance!!!

Is creating an ISMS Framework for the first time in the company a herculean task? Not at all! This implementation toolkit makes your job easy with its comprehensive library of ISMS Policies and training materials, as it contains the following:

  1. Densely packaged 300+ fit for purpose policies and procedure.
  2. A segregated list of Procedures and Forms, which are ‘must-have’ for any ISO 27001 compliance aspiring organization
  3. 40+ policies that are applicable for every control of ISMS Standard
  4. 13+ implementation proven procedures carefully scripted to guide you in ISMS controls applicable area
  5. 40+ pre-written guidelines, which are embedded along with process control of ISMS
  6. 150+ forms and templates ready to deploy to put your ISMS compliance on fast track.
  7. Downloadable model of the ISMS Manual for your easy and quick reference
  8. Precise Mapping of the ISMS Manual control objective to real world policies.
  9. Process Assets Embedded as per the ISMS Control Objectives
  10. Campaign Materials to support the ISMS awareness campaign in your company
  11. Following are the process areas addressed in this toolkit
  12. Extensive documents and guidelines for Internal Audit and CAPA documentation with supporting training materials
  13. Comprehensive Risk Management procedures, Forms along with Risk Treatment Plan
  14. Registry for Information Assets, Risks, Documents, AUDIT Findings

Training materials and handouts on Document Control and Internal Audit


This toolkit gives your company the disciplined approach to improving the product development with process integration. It enables the integration of multiple disciplines into a single improvement effort, thus, eliminating the inconsistencies and reduces duplication.

What will you receive on purchase of this toolkit?

CD with comprehensive library of well-organized assets to implement ISMS

Campaign Materials
Free web link to download our ISMS campaign materials including posters and reference cards

Remote Consultation
Optional remote consultation for additional ISMS support and guidance




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