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Mentoring Matters, Coaching Counts

Progress at the organizational level does not only entail financial stability, rather personal growth for the human resources as well. As part of their training programs, organizations nowadays, invest in career development for their employees.

The most widely used method is the Mentoring and Coaching program. Although the two may seem quite similar, mentoring is geared towards individual growth and maturity while coaching is primarily about skill acquisition, action, and performance orientation.

This toolkit provides a step-by-step understanding of the characteristics of Mentoring and Coaching. Learners will go through the skills needed, benefits attained, and the challenges that individuals face in such a program.

This is an ideal learning resource for:

  • Managers who need the space to develop or improve new or existing skills.
  • Mentors and coaches themselves
  • Staff wanting to improve their skills and abilities

Aside from these, they will also be educated on how to effectively implement the program using several models. The toolkit is a unique blend of self-paced, comprehensive, and vivid medium of knowledge to facilitate enhanced learning that’s focused on accelerating the learning process to give your employees a quick head start in their development.

Key Features:

  • Real life scenarios for mentoring and coaching
  • Interactive exercises to assess learning progress
  • Extensive glossary to familiarize the learner with key terms of mentoring and coaching
  • Comprehensive resource on the following M & C highlights

This toolkit covers the following topics:


  • Definition of Mentoring
  • Mentoring Characteristics
  • Mentoring Benefits
  • Mentoring Stages
  • Setting up a Mentoring Scheme
  • Role Identification
  • Mentoring Session


  • Definition of Coaching
  • Coaching Characteristics
  • Coaching Benefits
  • Coaching Services
  • Coaching Skills
  • Choosing a Coach
  • Coaching Process
  • Interactive Exercises




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