Personal Protective Equipment


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The demands of modern knowledge and information acquisition have raised the performance bar for organizations. Most particularly in a corporate setting, lack of proper training usually leads to personal liability and governance failure.

Every organization looks after the welfare of one of its most essential resources – manpower. Safety of the employees will always be a priority, especially for organizations that involve processes exposing its employees to risky environmental conditions.

We can help you provide the right training while being cost-efficient at the same time. Our solution is a complete trainer’s assistant with self-paced learning designed to facilitate an efficient, informative, and successful training session within the learning community.
The PPE implementation toolkit is a complete collection of process assets for rapid compliance to the basics of Personal Protective Equipment. The collection includes the following:

  1. Training Materials and Notes
  2. Printables and Interactive Test
  3. Printable Templates (Forms, Checklists, Procedures and Signages)
  4. Reference and Glossary
  5. General Trainer’s Guide
  6. Occupational Health and Safety
  7. Hazard and Risk Control
  8. Emergency Preparedness and Response
  9. Importance of PPE for ensuring health and safety in the workplace
  10. Allocation of Appropriate PPEs
  11. Maintenance and Use of PPE
  12. Emergency Action Plan
  13. Self-paced learning value added to your knowledgeable library
  14. Customizable contents for organization needs
  15. Time and Cost Savings
  16. Guidance for Trainers (Lecture Notes and Trainers Tools)

What will you receive on purchase of this toolkit?

CD with comprehensive library of well-organized assets to implement ISMS

Campaign Materials
Free web link to download our ISMS campaign materials including posters and reference cards

Remote Consultation
Optional remote consultation for additional ISMS support and guidance




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