Quality Management System/ISO 9001:2008


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Quality Management System/ISO 9001:2008 is the most popular global standard applicable for any company in any business domain. For companies that would like to remain competent and ensure alignment to best practices, it is imperative that they have people who fully understand and remain aware of the standards.

This toolkit gives you a combo of QMS implementation guidance, QMS awareness trainings, and relevant forms/templates to deploy instantly for QMS compliance. The toolkit carries the following for a wide spectrum of audience ranging from Management to Team members:

  1. Interactive learning module on QMS concepts with voice over
  2. Online and offline quizzes to evaluate understanding of QMS
  3. Training handouts for QMS Awareness, QMS Audit, and Document Control
  4. 140-page manual for the ISO 9001 Training and Implementation
  5. Printable Life-Size campaign materials
  6. Quick Reference Glossary for all Quality Management related terms
  7. A template library accounting to 80+ templates including policies, checklists, procedure, forms etc.
  • Organizational QMS Policy
  • QMS Gap Analysis Checklist
  • QMS Implementation Guidelines (based on ISO 9001:2008)
  • QMS core team organizational chart & template
  • Inspection & testing procedure & template
  • Continuous Improvement Procedure & template
  • Corrective and Preventive Action Procedures & template
  • Handling of Customer Complaints procedures & template
  • Annual Training Plan procedure & template
  • Internal Audit procedures & report template
  • Document Control procedures
  • Purchasing Audit procedure & checklist template
  • Performance evaluation form and template
  • Monitoring and Measurement Procedures
  • Sample policies benchmarked from various companies

Pre-written set of guidelines/procedure suitable for all organizations irrespective for business domain


What will you receive on purchase of this toolkit?

CD with comprehensive library of well-organized assets to implement QMS

Campaign Materials
Free web link to download our QMS campaign materials including posters and reference cards

Remote Consultation
Optional remote consultation for additional QMS support and guidance




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