Software development and project management can be tricky and the top organizations swear by the two most well-known methods, Waterfall and Agile. While Waterfall is a conventional and sequential approach, the innovative Agile offers some flaunting features like delivery and application clarity, speed, better management, incremental feedback, better collaboration, to name a few. Since the Waterfall approach lacks some non-negotiable attributes when it comes to meeting complex customer requirements, the Agile method comes to rescue. Some of such attributes being adding features, making developments, and evaluating project priorities after every sprint.

Transitioning from Waterfall to Agile needs a strategy that overlaps with the concern at the organizational level. However, with the aid of these top 5 tips, the transition team can address each consideration and enjoy a smooth transition.

Select the Right Team

If it is your first Agile project, start with just one team at the project initiation. As the project progresses, go for no more than five of them. Selecting multi-talented team members will steal the deal and more so, if they are competent to work across various functions. Another tip that may bring wonders is selecting people with distinct backgrounds and status quo, like an analyst holding a philosophy degree. Also, make sure that the team members have positive relationships and are adaptive enough to handle the project dynamics.

Speak to the Management

Maintain a clear line of communication with the management and encourage them to accept the transition. Endorse the cost effectiveness of the entire cycle along with its swiftness to deliver products. Focus on how the Agile approaches reduce risks. More importantly, expect the discussion on conventional and predictable methods vs. a totally new iterative process.

Communicate Often

Like all other changes, communication is critical and a key to success. Leaders will be able to grasp the pain areas quickly if you send regular progress reports. This will further cultivate a collaborative environment of quick issue resolution. On the other hand, in the absence of regular communication, the final product might become quality deficient, lacking critical features.

Train People

Adults tend to resist major changes and transitioning to Agile can prove to be a difficult paradigm shift, if not done with proper training and guidance. Therefore, it is important for them to understand the new development principles and practices of Agile and hence absorb the change. If you do not have an expert Agile coach, go for the top-rated training institutions that will help you welcome the change and train you team members. Simultaneously, encourage them to read blogs, books, and attend local seminars.


When stakeholders start cutting down project timelines without compromising with quality, agility is the key, which in turn is a product of automation in most of the cases. Therefore, it is worth spending some bucks on some automation tools and processes such as code deployment and testing. Some additional benefits include thorough evaluation reports, elimination of redundant efforts, and consistent workflows.

To conclude, a smooth transition to Agile needs more than a commitment. So, just enjoy the journey and keep everyone updated and informed to avoid resistance. To lead and facilitate such transition initiatives, companies look for Scrum Masters who have gone through a renowned Scrum Master Training and certification.


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